Carrot Cake Smoothie

The top two questions I’m asked in regards to growing up in Utah are, ‘Are you mormon?’ or ‘How many siblings do you have?’. (No, and three.) Despite not having 10 brothers and sisters and not being mormon we fit in quite well. My mother was quite the business woman/homemaker. Every year, she would make these beautiful birthday cakes for us. We had barbies, barney’s, dinosaurs  and spice girls. My mother’s above and beyond attitude to our birthdays paid off and everyone on the block knew not to miss a ‘Fraser Birthday’.  My birthday usually consisted of Cooking Light’s Apple Cake or Carrot Cake.

When she’d make Carrot Cake I would sit at the countertop and wait for her to walk away before sticking my finger in the batter… multiple times. I’d usually get caught and she’d ask me, ‘did you use the same finger?!’ I’d say, ‘We are all related anyway!’. I was hooked.

Sadly, My double dipping-finger licking days are over. Not because I wouldn’t like to do it but because it’s heavily frowned upon as an adult. Further, the calories in carrot cake aren’t exactly waist friendly. Which is why I was delighted to discover that this recipe for a “Carrot Cake Smoothie” tastes just like the batter I remember! I drink this before or after a workout or anytime i feel like Carrot Cake!

Photo and Recipe is from “Oh She Glows“. 

Carrot Cake Smoothie

1 cup of almond milk
1/2 frozen banana (full if you want)
2 ice cubes
1 full carrot or 7 baby carrots
1 tablespoon chia seeds
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
top with coconut or cinnamon
(optional) 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder.

 Place ingredients in a blender and blend till combined. If you let the smoothie sit for too long the smoothie will become VERY thick and you will have to use a spoon. I drink mine 5 minutes after if not immediately after. I don’t like protein powders so I skip that but if you love it… go for it. I can’t comment on how it tastes because i’ve never tried it!

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