Banana Blender Pancakes with Flaxseeds

It probably feels like I post a LOT of pancake recipes but such is life… i love pancakes! Celine has been getting pickier and pickier and it is stressful. She used to eat anything I was eating, in smaller portions, with absolute delight. Now, she will only eat what i’m eating if I have madeRead more

How To Eat Healthy

My little sister, who by the way, just got into multiple med schools (yay!), text me the other day asking what she can make that’s ‘healthy and gluten free.’ I told her a normal person would just look at my blog, to which she replied, those are too fancy. It made me think, maybe things are tooRead more

Low Fat Granola

Granola. How many times can I talk about granola? Probably as many times as I can eat it, which is a lot, if people allow it. I’ve had sweet, gooey, chewy, sticky granola (my favorite, from Urth cafe in LA) and i’ve had crunchy, hard, sweet, yet slightly-savory granola. The latter being my favorite, healthyRead more

Melting Cherry Tomatoes with Salmon

Good morning friends! We are in the middle of a facelift over here and I greatly appreciate your patience while we make all of the necessary changes! Now, about that salmon: Every sunday, pre-baby and pro-free time, I would plug in my headphones, make a game plan, and get in a ‘cooking zone’. By the end ofRead more

Chicken Salad Lettuce Boats

In anticipation of summertime I thought I would share one of my favorite recipes for chicken salad. I tried this recipe for the first time at a wedding shower a couple years ago and I’ve been making chicken salad this way every since. They’re light, flavorful, and a much healthier alternative to normal chicken salad. ThisRead more

Banana Overnight Oats

This is one of my favorite breakfasts, it’s quick, easy, and has only five ingredients. I make this after my daughter goes to bed and it makes enough for at least 2 breakfasts for the week. Here I used frozen blueberries and slivered almonds to top it off.

Oatmeal Honey Cranberry Cookies

I’m on a chocolate/sweet kick that is only great for milk production (since i know that’s what everyone wants to hear about but that’s my life now) so I am rolling with it. I latch onto every healthy dessert recipe that I see on the instagram and try it. So, I tried making these Chocolate Chip Cookies fromRead more

Raw Cacao Truffles

On my last birthday I was sick, sleepy, and pregnant. A true winning combo for an exciting birthday. I didn’t mind considering, for me, a good birthday is spent by eating good food, my favorite Apple Cake (thanks mom), and spending it with my family. We were pretty tame and decided to get tickets toRead more

2015. Change.

I am so super behind on this but… Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a great New Year’s Eve. Honestly, after seeing the hill behind our house filled with hikers on New Years Day, I’ve decided that New Year’s Eve is often filled with the last hurrah of eating and drinking whatever you wantRead more

Sweet Potato Chipotle Fondu

We never go too crazy on New Year’s Eve. I’m not that wild of a person to begin with. The craziest thing I’ve ever done on New Year’s Eve is go to Vegas and get stuck in traffic as the clock struck midnight. Hip hip! Really, New Year’s Eve in Vegas would be pretty nutsRead more

Almond Milk Protein Smoothie

One of my favorite smoothies as of last week is this delicious concoction that mimics the Almond Milk from the Juice Pressery in flavor. It contains all of the same ingredients such as almond milk, vanilla, sea salt, and dates but adds almond butter and oats and Vanilla protein powder for a boost of proteinRead more

Hey Hey… I had a baby

Hello World, It’s been a good couple of months and i’ve missed blogging so… I had my little baby girl, Celine 6.5 weeks ago and to say my life hasn’t changed would be a complete lie. It’s been the most amazing time in my life thanks to this little life that I hold in myRead more

Peach Summer Salad

I’m in DC and It is beautiful here! I’ve discovered why pregnant girls really gain so much weight. People see that you are pregnant and immediately want to feed you. They don’t feed you fruit or vegetables but immediately assume you want cookies, ice cream, or anything else dirty they can think of. Hence, thisRead more