Somethings Gotta Give…

I’ve been absent for a bit. I’m going to school again… oi. I kind of knew this would happen. I can’t possibly take care of a 9 month old, be a good wife, keep a house clean, shower daily, blog, study, wash dishes (wayyyy too many times a day), AND cook 3 meals a day.Read more

Meringue Wednesday

I’m currently referring to my mother as, ‘the nice lady’. After this weekend, that’s how I imagine C sees her Indian grandmother. I let my mom put C down for a nap one day and 20 minutes later they were out by the pool. Not napping, clearly. Apparently, my mom couldn’t stand the crying and Grandma’sRead more

Because I have a minute…

It’s a balmy 73 degrees and gloomy instead of the usual 91 degrees and sunny. I don’t want to be awake. I opened my eyes at 5:30 this morning to my husband saying, ‘ugh it’s raining.’ I closed them again with the hope that my non sleeping daughter would remain asleep until… i don’t know…Read more

Skin During Pregnancy

One of my friends is newly pregnant. If that’s a thing, newly pregnant. Sounds funny to me. Anyway, It makes me think of all the changes she is about to endure and probably hopes she won’t. I can’t help but think I have no desire to endure the skin problems I had during pregnancy again. Although, it’s worthRead more

summer are you here? 

I’m entirely distracted by this hot weather in the middle of winter. It’s exactly 91 degrees and C’s cheeks are rosy and warm after a couple of minutes in the shade. If the pool would somehow heat up to that temperature we would be very grateful.  My sister is in town and we are eatingRead more

A Birthday

When i was 39 weeks pregnant my main goal was not to go into labor. I laid in bed and scrapbooked for a full week while my husband was gone. While I was scrapbooking I realized we were really lame birthday picture taking people -if that’s a thing. So when my husbands birthday came aroundRead more

Cinnamon Rolls and Snow

I’ve been seriously craving Cinnamon Rolls or Sticky Buns… does anyone know of a really good gluten free recipe for them? Also, i’d prefer it to be naturally gluten free… i struggle with all of the xanthum gums, potato starches, some other random starches, or arrowroot powder, you get the point. Anyway, it’s snowing inRead more