Kale, Date and Almond Salad

Hi friends! Cooking school has been… the bomb. I love it. Although, it’s a bit like when you are 13 years old and your mother forces you to attend Dance class. You love it but you just don’t want to go. Every Sunday I only want to go to the farmers market, hike, do pilates,Read more

Thai Cabbage Salad

How one thing leads to another. Starting with a trip to Houston and no kitchen.  Breakfast: Veggie Omelet and some fruit. (Okay, i should’ve asked that i receive no toast/potatoes/jam/very little oil but i’m only human and i forgot) Lunch: Veggie Salad-Dressing on the Side (smart choice)  Dinner: at Kona Grill. Cabbage Salad. Dessert: roomRead more