Sugar Snap Peas and Edamame Saute

One of my favorite veggie side dishes to make is a Sugar Snap Peas and Edamame Saute. I love that the flavors are so simple that even non-veggie lovers and kids love it. I make a huge batch and it reheats beautifully, plus it pairs very nicely with Glazed Salmon or steamed quinoa. Note: BecauseRead more

Black Bean Burgers with Mango Avocado Salsa

Four years ago I found myself eating nothing but “Vegan” food. Oh yeah, i thought I was going to last forever. My dad, being the positive cheerleader that he is, told me he’d give me 3 days. Oh, I lasted a week. Take that Dad. The cause of my sudden ‘vegan-ity’ was a book called,Read more