Chia Seed Morning Smoothie

This isn’t for the light hearted smoothie drinker… this is an intense smoothie for chia seed lovers. It’s extremely hydrating and full of fiber. If you’re a beginner or you’re not a fan of the taste of greens I would definitely recommend using the pear juice.
Chia Seed Morning Smoothie
2 leaves of lettuce or kale
1/2 a cucumber
1 tablespoon chia seeds
1.5 cups water, coconut water, or pear juice
Blend in Blender. Drink fast!
Note: I suggest eating 2 tablespoons a day of chia seeds. They are insanely good for you and if you put 1 tablespoon in your water it will turn a lovely consistency. I wait for that. It’s like jello water. I happen to love this but that’s just me.

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