Foreign Affair-Indian Wedding

I went to my 4th something cousins wedding under my grandmothers invite. I’d never met the bride or groom but due to the fact that Indians are crazy when it comes to weddings i was allowed to go! I drove down to orange county to stay with my Great Aunt & Uncle and ‘Aunt’ Roshni. 
Thursday night was henna night… look at Roshnis Hands!!!! The bride traditionally makes her henna hands so intricate that she can hide her fiancés initials in her hand and girls can attempt at finding it.
Of course i ate loads of sweets… the entire weekend… and gained three pounds. whoops. 
The wedding was soooo different than any other wedding i’ve ever seen. The actual ceremony was an hour and thirty minutes long and so many different events within the ceremony; such as stealing the grooms shoes and bartering with him so he can demonstrate just how generous he is. 

My 2nd cousin Roshni–in indian world i’m her niece. 
the ‘alter’
my 2nd cousin – Puja
The groom and his family walking down the isle with the brides mother and father. 
This is a short video of one of the aspects during the ceremony. This was probably 1 hour into the ceremony. 
This was my second sari of the evening. 
Roshni, Jai, and I -mid wedding
The craziest part of the wedding is realizing that i was somehow related to every one there. After a lovely night of dancing and eating we had to wake up bright and early to make the brunch for the family and wedding party. Here is kunju mass and i making the ‘puri’ dough at 7:30 a.m. 
So much fun. 

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