Maggie Sottero Bride

It’s been a while to say the least. Wedding planning is no joke… and I have wedding planners (they’re great). Anyway, things are crazy. Yesterday was the first day i’ve made dinner in three weeks. We had Black Bean Chili, brown rice, kale salad, and guacamole. I got the idea for the chili from the Malibu Chili Cook Off we went to this summer. One of the vendors had an amazing chili with curry powder! It was delicious and such a great idea. Try it if you have the chance. 
I had the privilege of working in Utah for Maggie Sottero for the third time. It’s always a good time being home, seeing my family, and working-all at once! Here are some pics from my week at home with Maggie Sottero Bridal. They made me feel more beautiful than I thought was possible; Beautiful dresses, amazing hair and make up, great people, and perfect accessories. 

 This was day 6… we were really tired. Steven was really glad I was taking a pic. 

 A still from Tribe Media
They surprised me with a beautiful present, balloons, crown and veil, and massive diamond rock-that was fake! Thanks Maggie. 

I’ll leave you with my current favorite picture. xoxoxo

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