Peach Summer Salad

I’m in DC and It is beautiful here!
I’ve discovered why pregnant girls really gain so much weight. People see that you are pregnant and immediately want to feed you. They don’t feed you fruit or vegetables but immediately assume you want cookies, ice cream, or anything else dirty they can think of.

Hence, this sunday I had on the plane:20140718-170848-61728076.jpg
In an effort to make up for that delicious ice cream Sunday-with all of the toppings- I found this wonderful spot here called ‘Sweet Greens’ with a mouth watering menu of fresh salads with local ingredients, juices, and frozen yogurt. This salad is their ‘seasonal salad’ for the summer which I’ll be using as inspiration for our Sunday dinner salad.

I’m a peach lover so this salad sold me at the mention of local peaches. Try making it yourself by combining: mixed greens, chopped peaches, slivered almonds, goat cheese, and balsamic vinaigrette.


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