School? = To-Go Snacks!

College, college, college. Time is limited for healthy cooking… i get it. However, you can do it. You can eat healthy; it just takes preparation. Snacks to go?

1. Greek Yogurt Cups (fage or chobani or make your own) I like… My ‘Greek’ Yogurt Cup
2. PB&Banana on Whole Grain Bread. WHOLE GRAINS! Keep you fuller—longer.
3. Trail Mix with natural ingredients. (make your own mini bags with 2 Tablespoons almonds and 2 Tablespoons Craisins/Dried Coconut/Apricots)
4. Fruit! Bananas-so cheap. With some peanut butter or protein powder… you are good to go.
5. Instant oatmeal packs… ask for a cup of hot water at the Coffee Shops on campus or wherever you are.

6. Baby Carrots, Cucumber Slices, Baby Tomatoes and Hummus (You can get the hummus in to-go mini’s)
7. Applesauce (unsweetened)

8. Make your own muffins on a lazy sunday afternoon. I love these Carrot Muffins or The Almond Fig Muffins

You can do it. You can, you can. 

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