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One of my friends is newly pregnant. If that’s a thing, newly pregnant. Sounds funny to me. Anyway, It makes me think of all the changes she is about to endure and probably hopes she won’t. I can’t help but think I have no desire to endure the skin problems I had during pregnancy again. Although, it’s worth it. So worth it.

I remember hearing my friend’s say, ‘so and so looks sooo good pregnant! She is glowing!’ That ‘so and so’ was obviously not me because no one ever told me I was glowing and that’s okay. I was happy and felt good but my skin wasn’t willing to show it. Bless my sweet husbands heart for telling me ‘your skin looks good!’ every morning.

I spent more time researching skin during pregnancy than I ever had and here is what I learned.

clarins1. Stretchmarks’. When It came to stretch marks I knew I didn’t want to ‘chance it’. I wasn’t going to rely on genetics to guide me through pregnancy without a mark. I spent some time researching models that had baby’s and walked in the VS show a couple of months later… stretch mark free and decided on this method.

I applied a moisturizer in the morning (after my shower) and at night before bed to my torso, bum, and thighs. (Some nights you’ll be far too tired to moisturize but do it anyway… it’s worth it… even if you just do your belly.) Oh, and DON’T ITCH!!

I used Clarin’s Huile Oil ($48), Noodle and Boo’s Elasticity Oil ($24), Coconut oil, and Olive oil. I would go through a bottle a month of the Huili Oil or Elasticity Oil so I started interchanging them with Coconut and Olive Oil to save money! 9 months later I was stretch mark free!

eradikate2. Pimples: If you’re like me and your skin goes haywire pregnant, it will get better… after the baby comes out. Eating well, drinking a lot of water, and drinking a green smoothie each day will help but If you need some extra help the best product I found was: ‘EradiKate‘ by Kate Somerville.

If you want something more natural you can try Boscia’s Clear Complexion Willow Bark Stick. 

s1494517-main-Lhero3. Skin Care: I used a lot of Boscia products when I was pregnant. They’re safe for pregnant women and they can be found at Sephora. I loved their Tsubaki Oil and would mix it with my moisturizer for an extra moisture boost.

Now, I use an Origins Cleanser and a toner, serum, moisturizer, and oil from Diana Ralyss (who is also my facialist).  All of her products are all natural, organic, and they work!


4. Hyper Pigmentation: I had to do a lot of Microdermabrasion after my little nugget was born because of hyper pigmentation. My skin was noticeably better a day after her birth but until I stop breastfeeding I will still deal with little dark spots on my face. I never got ‘pregnancy mask‘ but from what I’ve heard from friends, make up becomes your best friend and it goes away with the birth.


5. Linea Negra: gotta love having a line down your belly button. I remember when I was modeling for GAP Maternity and they told me that my ‘line’ was crooked. Thanks, I hadn’t noticed! So, at least if you get one be thankful that yours is straight and if it’s not, you’re not alone! It’s not a big deal and it’ll likely go away post partum. If it doesn’t, think of it as a badge of honor from a miraculous 9 months.

I must say that this was just my experience… some people may not even experience any of these and they’re lucky! Either way, you get through them all and you’re stronger because of it. I wouldn’t change a thing. 

What did you discover about your skin when you were pregnant?

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  1. I wish I had read your tip on preventing stretchmarks 13 months ago! I just didn’t think it would be a thing for me. I don’t know why. All of a sudden, after Noa was born, these marks appeared out of nowhere! Anyhow, now I just view them as my badge of honor!

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