Healthy Ginger and Cinnamon Spiced Granola

A modern version of my favorite granola. Sweetened with maple syrup and coconut sugar and flavored with ginger and cinnamon to make this the tastiest and healthiest granola I’ve found to date.

Banana Blender Pancakes with Flaxseeds

It probably feels like I post a LOT of pancake recipes but such is life… i love pancakes! Celine has been getting pickier and pickier and it is stressful. She used to eat anything I was eating, in smaller portions, with absolute delight. Now, she will only eat what i’m eating if I have madeRead more

Chocolate Avocado Mousse

Two weeks ago, my sugar/chocolate addiction pushed it’s limits. I had to get rid of it and since going ‘cold turkey’ has never been an effective measure to get off something ‘for good’, I knew I had to ‘add in’ a bunch of ‘good stuff’ to forgo ‘the bad stuff’. Using the idea that no one everRead more

Indian Chickpea Curry

It feels like a Sunday. The house is quiet and I’m laying on the couch with a towel on my head. I think my neighbors are moving. No, they are moving; too many boxes in the hall. I have Dal on the stove and window cleaners are scaling our building. I hope they finish soon…Read more

Almond Joy Granola Bars

1. I got 8 hours of sleep last night. 8!! My nugget actually slept through the night and I just can’t believe it. Life is just full of wonder isn’t it? 2. Sometimes I do the ‘dumb thing’ and think about the past. I’ve deemed this dumb, silly, and quite honestly ‘stupid’ because it causes me toRead more

Spaghetti Squash Pad Thai

There are five bar stools in my mother’s kitchen. They each sit hidden underneath the kitchen island facing the stove. If you happen to find a seat here you will be front and center for my mother’s cooking show. From one side you can see her stirring, chopping, smelling, and tasting. Then, just behind you, in aRead more

Paleo Nutella from ECISNP

Today, we have a post from Kylie at “Clean Eating Is the New Pink“. Kylie took up a huge part of my childhood. We would go sledding in my back yard and play cops and robbers in my Mcdonalds Kitchenette. I’ve never had so much fun playing with fake burgers and mini softserve than I have as anRead more

Black Bean Brownies

This is how you enjoy brownies on a diet. Excuse me, while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Made with black beans, coconut sugar, and flax seeds, they’re completely vegan and guilt free.

Melting Cherry Tomatoes with Salmon

Good morning friends! We are in the middle of a facelift over here and I greatly appreciate your patience while we make all of the necessary changes! Now, about that salmon: Every sunday, pre-baby and pro-free time, I would plug in my headphones, make a game plan, and get in a ‘cooking zone’. By the end ofRead more

Meringue Wednesday

I’m currently referring to my mother as, ‘the nice lady’. After this weekend, that’s how I imagine C sees her Indian grandmother. I let my mom put C down for a nap one day and 20 minutes later they were out by the pool. Not napping, clearly. Apparently, my mom couldn’t stand the crying and Grandma’sRead more

Peach Summer Salad

I’m in DC and It is beautiful here! I’ve discovered why pregnant girls really gain so much weight. People see that you are pregnant and immediately want to feed you. They don’t feed you fruit or vegetables but immediately assume you want cookies, ice cream, or anything else dirty they can think of. Hence, thisRead more

Blueberry & Banana Baked Oatmeal

My mom told me the other day that ‘I live off oatmeal. For breakfast, and sometimes dinner, that’s probably true. There’s a coffee shop named Alterra that does a baked oatmeal that’s a little sweet (for me) but tasty compared to the instant oatmeal from Starbucks. I’d never had baked oatmeal until I tried theirRead more

Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese from Oh She Glows

I love things that take me back to childhood and nothing says childhood and comfort like Macaroni and Cheese. We were spoiled and my mother (bless her) made it from scratch.  One night, before the wedding, my friend Rebecca came over for a girls comfort/craft night. I was tired of cleansing and needed some seriousRead more