Travel Eats.

I have been in miami for a week now… i can’t wait to go home and eat normal food. I miss my stove. Freak, I really really really can’t wait. In honor of labor day or just the sheer fact that Miami Marlins Stadium has a wonderful selection of food I downed some frozen yogurt and fresh fruit. Pinkberry, original, contains 100 calories per half cup. That, plus fresh fruit and is a delectable dessert of 100-150 calories. These things make me smile. Anyway! 
 This morning, i went to breakfast and ordered this lovely steel cut oatmeal. It came with MAPLE BUTTER. hmmm… i’ve never heard of butter in oatmeal… has anyone tried this? I didn’t try it… just because of the sheer fact that its BUTTER but… it did sound intriguing. Sides of cinnamon, banana, and raisins. YUMMM. Solid breakfast out. 
 I was just complaining about butter… right before i show you this picture with a ginormous Rice Krispies Treat and Sucker… I am only human….
 Right after we found those lovely treats we found THIS, the biggest gummy worm EVER!! Btw, this is my friend Liz, she’s my favorite Wisonsiner… ever. She now she lives in Miami… what a shame (only for the days i’m in WI without her).  
That’s all for now. Hope you all had a lovely Labor Day!

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